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Anti Fouling

Anti Fouling, Whats the point?

So you own a boat, bought a new boat or even a second hand boat, in all cases you might have wanted to do something special or already had something special done, ie modifications on engines, interiors, vinyl decorations, speakers, underwater lights and the list goes on. 

The harse summers, the heavily salty waters and water temperature changes all year round in Dubai and the UAE creates the best formula for growth and barnacles to have a party under your hull while your boat is berthing in a marina.  An inexperienced boater will usually ignor it and think that they are not enjoying the bottom of their boat, its fine no one is going down there, lets not waste the time or money. 

Biggest question has always been ''What if I dont?''. The answer is very simple, if you are comfortable with putting all that extra pressure on those engines resulting in high fuel consumption, losing your speed and letting growth and barnacles eat away at your hull then don't. Eventually the engines will give in from all that added pressure or there will be issues with the hull. Thus resulting in engines repair and hull repair. 

Let us break it down for you, we have all been in a car if we live on planet earth, roads can get bumpy and our tyres can get worn out eventually. A boat with worn out anti fouling on the water can take a couple of weeks to a couples of months for growth and barnacles to start catching on the hull especially if its not moving much. It can easily be avoided by getting a fresh coat painted that could last a year or more.