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Outboard Engines

We love our out board engines! Our head mechanic has over 3 decades of experience working with Yamaha and Suzuki out board engines in Dubai UAE and other parts of the world. There is nothing that we cant repair and nothing that will easily surprise us when it comes to out board engines. 


We Specialize in outboard engines


Most people decide on the engines they have on their boats depending on look, performance and efficiency. Non of that matters if you don't have the right knowledge or mechanic to repair and maintain those engines. 

2 strokes and  4 strokes outboard Yahama and Suzuki engines is in our specialty, whether its a routine service, general repairs or major overhaul. There is no job too big and there is no job too small, we respect and work on them all. 

A smart boater purchases the engines that he has knowledge of or has the right mechanics to assist with the repairs or maintenance. Lets spend less time scratching our heads and more time enjoying ourselves on the water!