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Boat polishing in Dubai UAE


Neglecting your boat polishing needs for years will make the surface fade and dull, giving it a worn out look. In such a scenario, resurrecting the glossy finish of the ship and producing a factory-look becomes a requirement.  

The outer surface of a fiberglass vessel is normally made of special resin called a gel coat. It protects the hull and gives it its color and brightness. Time and exposure to sun and sea water gradually eroded its fairly smooth surface, leaving it rough and chalky. In fact, as this gel coat ages, it loses oils and dries out entirely, giving your boat a worn-down and weather-beat feel.  

Wax polish refills these oils to boost that glossy shine. This also helps recover the initial passion of the paint. This also prevents swirl marks or small scratches and keeps the shine of the paint clearer. Let us help you make your boat shine in all its glory and allow you to create those life long memories.